Excavator Attachments

Quick Couplers

Hamermac Quick Couplers have been designed to permit exchanging several kinds of attachments of excavators in a few minutes without using any other tools and machines while staying in the cabin. Currently, Hamermac QC Series are available in 7 different excavator sizes.

  • Double safety device (locking system)
  • Excellent durability built with robust steel and ‘two-pass’ welding system
  • Enhanced efficiency with optimized installation width


  • Made of high strength steel plate, easy to install, and easy to use
  • Installed with high-performance ripper teeth and tooth adaptor, strong digging capacity, and long working life
  • Convenient for digging and loading at the same time and high efficiency
  • Suitable for shoving hard substances such as hard rocks, frozen ground, stone and weathered granite to facilitate later operation

Electric Hoist

  • Hamermac electrical hoist is specially designed for heavy lifting load
  • Easy operating in difficult and different situations
  • Easy to install, handle and operate

Vibro Ripper

  • Hamermac Vibro ripper was extracted the advantages of traditional breaker, ripper, and vibration hammer, but its overwhelming performance is an innovation
  • Around 3 to 5 times faster than hydraulic breaker
  • Low noise of less than 90dp


Hamermac Pulverizers are perfect tools for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. Hamermac QP Series are available in 5 different excavator sizes.

  • Single large bore cylinder maintain its strength through the complete stroke
  • Heavy duty frame structure using high strength steel
  • Cylinder rod is protected by heavy duty guard
  • Bolt-on replaceable alloy steel jaw plate
  • The widest jaw opening in its class
  • Speed-up valve reduces the cycle time of jaw closing and opening
  • Replaceable four-way turnable cutting blade
  • Heavy duty jaw structure using abrasion-resistance steel

Drum Cutters

Hamermac Drum Cutters is applicable for cutting and milling rock and concrete with low noise and vibration. QDC Series are available in 5 different excavator sizes.

  • Center drive design allows excellent performance in trenching applications as well as for quarrying, milling, scaling concrete and building renovation work and tunnel construction
  • High excavation output
  • Improved accuracy when cutting wall surfaces
  • Heavy duty seals and bearing

Pile Hammer

  • Hamermac series vibrating pile hammer is specially designed for excavator usage
  • Easily operating and make full use of the hydraulic power of excavator, the hydraulic pressure is adjusted according to the different working situation to reach a proper impact force. This new generation product increases the production efficiency and realizes versatility of excavator.
  • Applied to pull or pile sheet piles. I-steel piles, cement square pile, cylinder pile and many other shapes

Mini Excavator Attachments